Should I Date A Colleague?

Fellas, there have been two kinds of women you shouldn’t date: your own next-door neighbors and your work colleagues. Precisely Why? Since they understand where you live and learn for which you work! It is not great news once you date a woman and figure out there isn’t any hope for you as one or two.

You’ll find nothing even worse than being forced to face him/her on a regular basis at locations that need protected, peaceful and drama-free. Yes, you may continue some torrid love affair with a co-worker, but these interactions rarely work. Then you’re forced to feel uneasy with this person.

Quickly enough, you may fear carrying the sofa up out of bed each morning to attend work, and you should consider finding a task completely.

Meanwhile, workplace romances result interruptions, resentments and a general sense of disruption into the office atmosphere. Yes, that hot girl in bookkeeping can be giving you a person’s eye, but grab a pass. You are going to give thanks to me personally in the end.