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Why choose LED?





Use less Energy

Energy Sustainability begins with conservation and energy savings from Westpac LED Lighting applications will reduce wasteful energy by 50%-90% compared to other conventional lighting products.

Conserve Your Community

Unlike traditional lighting products, LEDs do not contain Mercury, a potentially hazardous substance that poses a threat of environmental damage. LED Lights not only consume a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional lighting, it provides a double benefit of being longer lasting and environmentally friendly.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Westpac LED Lighting technologies assist to reduce the carbon footprint by developed countries, yet allowing them to conitnue to grow without a commensurate increase in green house gas emissions.

Durable and Long Service Life

LEDs are highly rugged and feature no filament that can be damaged due to shock and vibrations. The operational life of LEDs last 4 to 40 times longer than traditional lighting products, while maintaining consistent light output over life.

More Efficient

The key strength of LED lighting is reduced power consumption. LEDs approach 80% efficiency; which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy. LED allows for more precise, purposeful light and reflects properties otherwise unseen, while providing improved uniformity and visibility.

Cost Effective


While the initial cost of LED lights is higher, cost savings of LED occurs over time by taking advantage of their longevity. Conventional lighting products true cost is the enormous maintenance cost; the time and labor in replacing bulbs. These are significant factors, for large number of installed bulbs such as warehouses. With the LED option, these costs can be virtually eliminated




o   Airports

o   Corporate campuses

o   Healthcare

o   Interior highBay

o   parking structure

o   Pedestrian

o   Petroleum&ConvenienceStore

o   Restaurants & hospital

o   Retails & Grocery

o   School & Universities

o   Solar

o   Entire site lighting

o   Street  & Roadway

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